Top 5 Healthy food to Include in your Diet and Why?

Being a Nutritionist I enjoy my food without worrying too much about what bad it will do. Because I know How magical any food is. But what If your favorite Food is something that is just satisfying your taste bud but is harmful to your Tummy.

Below is the list of 5 healthy foods to include in your diet. So if you are eating them next time just be happy because your Tummy will be grateful to you.

Lean Beef and Chicken Breast- I almost enjoy them 2–3 times a week. Unprocessed Lean Beef and Chicken Breast are excellent sources of Protein. The Lean Beef and Chicken Breast are the parts of meat which doesn’t have much fat.

Lean Beef and Chicken Breast

Mushrooms- if you are vegetarian Mushrooms can be one of your Best alternatives to Meat. The Nutrients present in Mushrooms help in regulating the glucose levels in the blood which in turn helps in ping to burn fat in the body. These cute little vegetables are packed with an excellent source of both fiber and protein.


Boiled Sweet Potatoes- Who doesn’t love them? I mean why? These little sweet healthy Potatoes are a bundle of joy to eat. Sweet potatoes, turnips, and other root vegetables are great foods to lose weight in your belly. Sweet Boiled Potatoes are one of the most Filling foods. The high-water content in sweet potatoes makes them great for weight loss.

Boiled Sweet Potatoes

Nuts- do you still snack on Unhealthy processed food? If yes! Stop your habit and switch to Nuts. Nuts are a great source of vitamins, minerals fiber, protein, and healthy fats. Several studies have shown that eating small amounts of nuts will be helpful for you in losing weight because the fiber and protein when come together help you remain fuller for a longer duration of time.


Soups- if you are foody, do you not Love Chicken soup? I mean I love them and you should try them. The reason why you can go ahead and Include soups for losing weight is because of their High-water content.
Since it is too high in water content it gives you the feeling of fullness which furthermore keeps you from consuming extra calories later in the day.

Different kinds of Soups.

Conclusion- Being a Nutritionist, I care about what I am feeding to My Body. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy My Cravings of Burgers, fries, or Pizza. It’s Only One Life and you should eat whatever you feel like.
Just be aware of the Quantity and Burn out the extra Calories And that’s It, That is what it takes to be Fit and remain Healthy for a longer duration of time.



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Maahira Khan

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