Which dried fruits have the most protein?

We all know that Dried Fruits are rich in Protein. Not only that but dry fruits are also rich in minerals, fiber, and vitamins add to that they are tasty too. Dry fruits are an excellent and healthy substitute for daily snacks.

So let us know what are Some of the Dried Fruits which have the most Proteins.

1.Almonds-1/4th cup of Almonds has 7 grams of Protein.

2.Walnuts-1/4th cup of Walnuts has 4.5 grams of Protein.

3.Pistachios-1/4th cup of Pistachios has 6 grams of Protein.

4.Cashews-1/4th cup of Cashews has 5 grams of Protein.

5.Hazelnuts-1/4th cup of Hazelnuts has 5 grams of Protein.

6.Peanuts-1/4th cup of Peanuts has 9.5 grams of Protein.

7.Brazil Nuts-1/4th cup of These nuts has 4.75 grams of Proteins.

8.Pine Nuts-1/4th cup of these nuts has 4.5 grams of Protein.

An Important thing to make a note of is even though they have several benefits, one should always not eat them more than 4–5 in a day. Or else they will cause certain problems to Our Body. 😊😊😊

Conclusion- These Facts are all collected from High authority and well-reputated Sources(like USDA, FoodData Central, and very well fit), and I being myself a Nutritionist make sure to only provide 100 % legitimate honest and good values to my Readers!

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Maahira Khan

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